Natalie Packham


I am Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Prior to that I was Assistant Professor of Quantitative Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and I spent several years in the investment banking industry. I am also Principal Researcher within the International Research Training Group “High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series” (IRTG 1792) at Humboldt University Berlin.

My main research interests are Mathematical Finance, Financial Risk Management, Computational Finance, Cryptocurrencies and Bayesian Statistics.


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Working papers

Structured climate financing: valuation of CDOs on inhomogeneous asset pools (.pdf)

Validierung von Konzepten zur Messung des Marktrisikos - insbesondere des Value at Risk und des Expected Shortfall (.pdf)

with Fabian Mehmke and Heinz Cremers, Frankfurt School Working Paper No. 192, 2012


Credit dynamics in a first-passage time model with jumps and Latin hypercube sampling with dependence (.pdf)

PhD thesis, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 2008

Correlation parameterization and calibration for the LIBOR market model (.pdf)

Master-Thesis, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 2005

Transport kontextbasierter Informationen innerhalb digitaler Audiodaten (.pdf, in German)

Diplomarbeit, Institut für Informatik, Uni Bonn, 2000


  1. Computational Finance and FinTech (Master)

  2. Derivatives Pricing in Theory and Practice (Master)

  3. Quantitative Empirical Methods (Master)

  4. Mathematics for Business and Economics (Bachelor)

  5. Statistics (Bachelor)

  6. Statistics II (Bachelor)

  7. Financial Engineering (Bachelor)

  8. International Asset Management (Master)

  9. Mathematical Problem Solving (Ph.D.)

  10. Principles of Finance (Master)

  11. Risk Management (Master)

  12. Arbitrage Theory (Master)

  13. Foundations of Risk Management and Market Risk (Executive Master)

  14. Risk Modelling (Master and Excec. Master)

  15. Effective C++ (Master Quant. Finance)

  16. Numerical computation with Octave (Master Quant. Finance)

  17. Foundations of Finance (Bachelor)


Associate editor for Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability

Associate editor for Review of Derivatives Research

Co-chair of the GARP Research Fellowship Advisory Board

Co-chair of the GARP Frankfurt Chapter

Associated Researcher with the International Research Training Group 1792 “High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series”

Member of the Advisory Board of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM)

Associated Consulting Expert at MathFinance AG

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Blog entry about BIRS workshop “Approximation of High-Dimensional Numerical Problems”

Interview in “Risiko Manager” (in German)

Guest column in “International Bankers Forum” (in German)

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